Dear Friends,

Welcome to the company profile of Sigma Bakeries.

Our intention is to keep our customers informed with the art of baking. Moreover, to communicate with you and pass a clear message about good and healthy food as well as to clarify how we the Sigma team differ! What makes us different, a better breed and unique?

Sigma Bakeries is a family owned bakery. It stems from three generations of bakers and growing! Our history of tradition, culture and know-how makes us a cut above the edge in the industry! Sigma Bakeries is a leading chain of bakeries that produces and sells all its bakery products through its own controlled shops. Five production group lines merge at each Sigma Bakery shop: Bakery, Patisserie, Sandwicherie, Savouries & Snacks. Moreover, some exclusive Sigma shops have added extras as Rotisserie/Food and Coffee corner all under one Sigma shop! We operate 24/7to serve you! Always fresh baked products with a smile!

Our vision is to be your daily artisan bread provider as well as to be your trusted food on-the-go partner! Moreover, to set premium standards of quality by creativity and improvement by incorporation classical methods, adapted to our today’s life style needs. We put emphasis on functional foods, healthy eating habits and create a trusted and long lasting “sweet” and healthy relationship for our customers.

Today we have under construction two big plants of approximately 15,000m² in aggregate production capacity. Our target is to use state of the art technology to all of our production lines, blended with tradition, proven over time methodology, creating synergies with leading local and international partners. Our expansionary policy includes apart from growing in the local market, to make our presence abroad, with selective traditional products that Sigma Bakeries makes different for decades, with pride! We already have created synergies and co-operations that would enhance and promote our presence locally and abroad. After all Sigma is the home of fresh baking with over three generations of heritage with emphasis on our customers as they always come first!

Concluding, I would like to say a very big thank you, to all of you, the friends of Sigma bakeries, who trust and believe in our quality of bakery goods and who make this dream come true! Thank you for trusting us!

Bon appetite!

Mr Giorgos Georgiou

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