At Sigma Bakeries we work hard for your healthy nutrition diet. It is our responsibility to serve the best to our clients. We therefore use the purest ingredients in order to offer you healthy and tasty food.

Our hand made sandwiches are made in our shops every day fresh using only the best quality, freshly baked breads. What else would you expect from the home of fresh sandwich making?

Using the best quality flour, milled from specially selected wheat natural grains and cereal to give our products that distinctive Sigma taste and texture.

All of our savories, pastries and pies are baked in our ovens throughout the day, hot, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor.

Our mouth-watering sweets are tempting and every day fresh! Our team of patissers work with top ingredients for your desserts and cakes. Our new gelato (ice-cream) selection is irresistible. Taste the difference.

We freshly squeeze oranges carefully selected of premium quality Cyprus oranges, every day for your favorite orange juice. Excellent combination with a fresh sandwich!

Daily at your local store you can find fresh traditional, continental and international bakery goods of exceptional quality; croissants, tachinopittas, savouries and sweet dry cakes, a selection of fresh sandwiches and mouth watering sweets, guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!

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